This wise gay man says, its crazy to say condoms equal pain with anal sex. Have you forgotten the AIDS epidemic and the role of condoms saving thousands of lives? We call it safe sex. There is absolutely no pain for the receiver when a condom is used during anal sex, if properly lubricated. The only argument against condoms is age-old—the wearer often feels like he’s lost some sensation.

Something else. I find it interesting that so many straight men want the “taboo” experience of having anal sex with women. So much so, to even force it on some of them, as the writer of this article articulates. Like gay men, straight men have prostates too, and their minds would be blown if they themselves experienced getting fucked—an orgasm like they’ve never seen or felt before. Mostly a top, I’m an advocate for everyone trying it at least a few times until they get it right.

Visual Artist & Nonfiction Writer; New agented memoir: “Growing Up Under Water”—From Southern Gothic New Orleans to the art world of New York.

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